Friday, June 8, 2012's been a while...

I apologize for the extended absence.  I had no idea how wonderfully exhausting May would be, but good news.... I SURVIVED! I have been told some people have resorted to watching reruns for the last month and for this I am terribly sorry. Although, I was told the reruns were of the Big Bang Theory.  At least the laughter continued and maybe you can catch me up on the reruns because I have even missed those!

Here is a little summary on what we have been up to and why 'It's been a while...'

It was a rainy but great day!
Me and my beautiful Mom!
Mom completed her BSN, which you can read about in Perseverance. This degree was a long time coming and getting it finished in the midst of full on life was something worthy of celebration!

Mom and Her classmates.
The Sonon Sharks!

1st grade graduation.
LJ wrapped up a STELLAR year in 1st grade with a fun-filled field day, rockstar day (with a rockstar teacher!) and a 1st grade graduation. With previous struggles in the shadows and wonderful, WONDERFUL teachers in the present and future LJ has never been more excited about school!

My two rockstars and Mrs. Sonon

EJ is crowned.
EJ and GG
Then, we got to see a new king crowned, as EJ accepted the crown of Mr. Treehouse. He then graduated. In his acceptance speech he vowed to be as cool and charming as ever when he moves to his new school in the fall.
EJ gives the thumbs up!

Then came the birthdays....OH the birthdays....

Mom's Orchid Cake.
Mom's 60th. 

Mom's birthday was a surprise and took some planning, but ended up a wonderful night with 'old' friends.
Reminiscing with friends,
 family and photos.
LJ turned 8 this year and decided that he didn't want presents he wanted to have a shoe drive. We still had to have a little family party for him.

EJ turned 5 this year and wanted a zombie cake! This one took some work but thanks to Amy Fraser and her creative cakes, he got a 5 year old friendly zombie cake!

The Shoes.....
The Shoes... Over 250 pairs!

As I mentioned before, LJ came up with the idea to collect shoes at EJ and LJ's annual combined birthday party (downside to VERY CLOSE BIRTHDAYS). He said, "I don't want presents, I want people to bring, used, big, small, fancy or plain...the type doesn't matter I just want SHOES!" He just wanted his friends to help support a foreign mission. He said that he had enough toys...mama almost hit the floor, while EJ hit the ceiling...he wasn't quite on board with the no presents idea....=)  SO, this took a little more planning than a normal party. I will be happy to collect the shoes but then what? How do you get them to a foreign country? Who does this and what do I need to do to get the ball rolling? FYI the who and how was answered with Hearts of Christ Ministry. Can I make this a successful event? Well, YES!  If your 8 year old child wants to do a mission event for his birthday, YOU MAKE IT A SUCCESSFUL EVENT!!!

And a success it was! We sent out the invites, prayed for a beautiful day and asked our friends and family to come support LJ and EJ in their mission to help others. 
The delivery to Hearts Of Christ. The shoes will
be distributed locally and in Belize.

The Friends...

And last but not least...

The Anniversary...10 years!
The famous self portrait...

Two kids acting like adults....

Me and the Mister at Chateau Elon.

More to come VERY, VERY Soon.