Thursday, February 9, 2012

Here Goes Something!

This blogging journey began just a few weeks ago with a God-Placed, completely undeniable longing in my heart to support my friends who were struggling with various and sundry life challenges.  I tried several times to ignore this conviction because what in the world am I going to blog about and why would anyone want to read it?!?!  However, every time I turned away a new neon sign popped up saying, 'HEY! YOU! PAY ATTENTION!!!'  So I finally said, Okay, God I will do this, through you because through you I can all things....

My mission or desire for this blog is simple, create a community that is a comfortable place for women to be uplifting, honest and supportive of each other. 
We all struggle with complications to 'self-inflicted ideals' about what life should look like and then we try to struggle through these complications with out damaging our outward appearances. (What would 'they' think if 'they' knew the truth?) This desire to maintain appearances tends to isolate us from the Grace that is waiting for us and leaving us feeling lost and alone. But in no situation should we feel alone...there are just TOO much Grace and way TOO many of us for that kind of craziness!   

SO, I am really...REALLY excited to start this process and I BEG you to be patient with me as I struggle through this conviction knowing full well I am not qualified, but I am willing.